Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Things

1. I have a terrible sense of direction. Really twisted. I once got on the highway in Burlington, VT to go to Marblehead, MA. I went north. Why does that sign say "Bienvenue a Canada"?

2. As a result of #1, I get a little worried in big box stores like IKEA. I have no idea how to get out of those places.

3. There is a piece of me that likes danger. I used to hang out on the railroad tressle and wait for the train to pass.

4. I love to write. I have a blog that makes me happy.

5. Music has great power over me. It actually takes me places.

6. I'm a little weird about wild animals. I feel extraordinarilly lucky - chosen even?- when I catch a glimse of a moose or a coyote.

7. For all the things I doubt in myself, surviving without everyday comforts is not one of them.

8. Apparently, it's a little difficult for me to divulge 25 random things about me. It feels a little indulgent to me right now. Actually. I recommend that you go do something else with your time.

9. I never ever worked hard in school - not one little bit - until I got to graduate school.

10. When Chloe was born, I felt as though I had known her my whole life. I'd just been waiting for her to show up.

11. When Will was born, I knew immediately that he was exactly what we all needed. He completed our family with great presence.

12. Peter is the perfect fit for me. Absolutely perfect. He makes me madder than hell sometimes, and even then I know we're the perfect fit.

13. As a unit, we have done a lot of searching for Home. For now, we are there. And it's really really good for the soul.

14. I love to play the guitar and sing, but I approach it the way I approach lots of things in my life - todo o nada.

15. I feel a sense of dread almost every time the phone rings. I'd really like for this to pass.

16. Over the past couple of years, I've grown to love the pre-dawn hours. I take the dog for walks and luxuriate in the quiet.

17. Is that grass over there really greener? Cause I'm pretty certain it looks like it is from where I'm standing.

18. My kids never saw an iron until they were at least 5 years old. "Is that a funny telephone, Mommy?"

19. I will die a blonde, dammit.

20. I like 5th graders a lot. I like reading and writing a lot. I teach reading and writing to fifth graders. I like my job a lot.

21. The sound of the electric pencil sharpener is the sound I will hear if I happen to end up in hell.

22. Sometimes when I'm gardening I get so lost in my thoughts, I actually drool.

23. I want to write a book. Even if it's just for me.

24. The shear luck of ending up with the family I've got can drop me to the floor. It's astounding to me.

25. I'd rather have sea glass than jewels.


Dana's Brain said...

1. Gah! You are so cool and I'm totally not cyber-stalking you, but seriously. I think I love you.

#1 - I have lived in RI almost all my life and got completely lost the other day going to a friend's house. AND I had directions!

#4 - check.

#6 - I saw two deer the other day on my way to work. Knew I was going to have a good day.

#18 - HA!

#19 - You are my soul sister...

Zip n Tizzy said...

I love the way you write about your family.

Who am I kidding... I love the way you write – period!

cIII said...

Grass is just Grass. This side or that....It's just Grass. Most everybody has it. Most everybody wants different Grass. But it's all the same. Grass.

Unless, of course, it's the good $100 a quarter ounce Grass. Then it's Awesome.

Jen W said...

I'd like to think that the grass is always greener for everyone...and no one. I think it you try hard enough, you can probably find *something* you envy in anyone else's life. But I'd like to think others might feel that way about me, too.

anymommy said...

I love your posts because they are steeped in your fundamental happiness. It's a joy.

heartatpreschool said...

# 10 and 11, beautiful beautiful beautiful.

I get lost in IKEA too. And I feel the same way about music.

Lovely list!