Saturday, February 12, 2011


Antique windows create that warpy-wavy view when you try to look through them sideways. If you approach the window head on, like you mean it, the things on the other side of the glass - the outside or the inside depending on your perspective- are clean and straight and just as they should be. The same is true with lots of things. You have to look at them with intention, like you really want to see through them. Or else they'll get all shifty on you and make you see things like fairies and bends and arches that aren't really there at all. It's like trying to see through the lake water down to the bottom where you dropped your ring; you can see the glimmer down there somewhere, but reach down to grab it and it dances away. If you're not directly in front of things, a frown can all of the sudden look like a smile, two fingers can seem like three, or disarray can appear peaceful. So you need to always take into account your angle on things. Water, antique glass, lots of things can have that effect.