Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On Sea Glass

What is it about those little gems on the beach? The weathered pieces of glass that have traveled unknown distances and landed on the sand right where we walk? They seem to call to the sun, asking it to reflect just so for a moment, so that I can notice the tumbled history before me and add it to my collection. Each piece feels like it has a multi-layered story to tell.

Sea glass is fascinating to me because its beauty is dependent on its imperfections. Sea glass wears its experiences and obstacles for all to see. The rougher the seas were, the more sand and grit it encountered, the more beautiful it is.

Are we all like that? Do our difficult journeys add to our beauty? Do they soften us, round us out and make us blend just that much more to our surroundings? Do we speak to those around us without saying a word because of the sculpting, soul-shaping things we've seen?

We have an antique milk bottle filled with sea glass sitting on our kitchen windowsill. I like the connection between the two - the milk bottle tells of times gone by, but it survived its journey fully intact. Each piece of sea glass was broken away from its original form at some point, but it is now more stunning than it ever could have been when it was whole. Its difficult journey turned it in to a more perfect imperfect being.


DCD said...

"Its difficult journey turned it in to a more perfect imperfect being."

I love this line. Wonderful writing...again.

I heard or read something recently that sea glass was becoming more scarce since glass bottles are being used less. Sad.

Vodka Mom said...

My sister and I LOVE to collect sea glass every time I visit her in Mystic Conn. I remember the week that her son, Cameron, was killed. I was walking along the beach alone, and asked something crazy, like "Send me a sign, Cam, that you're o.k." Then, there in front of me, was one of the biggest pieces of sea glass I've ever found. My sister keeps it on top of his "box" of ashes as a reminder that all is well. sigh.
lovely post.

jenboglass said...

What beautiful words you have here. I don't live near the sea so when I'm near it I am always in awe of it. You put it perfectly here. We are all products of our surroundings. Maybe we get a little battered and broken along the way, but each of us is unique and special. I love what you've written here. Thank you so much for stopping by! I'll be back!

Maggie, Dammit said...

I think yes -- the more weathered we are, the more lovely. The more adversity we face, the better we are for it.

I love that you have this collection. Not a whole lot of sea glass in Wisconsin, unfortunately....

anymommy said...

We are kindred souls in this. I have a milk bottle full of sea glass too. I love it. I think that bottle is one of the most beautiful things I own.

Your writing is gorgeous. I'm sorry you are dealing with grief right now. I am too, suddenly, as of last week, and your words made me smile softly in understanding.

jen said...

in the land of the lakes...we call washed ashore glass, angel's tears.
it is so beautiful to me too.

Zip n Tizzy said...

I love seaglass too, but it's so hard to come by.