Thursday, July 2, 2009


Will: Mom, what did the vet actually do with Hobbes's balls when he cut them off? Cuz, I think throwing someone's balls away, like in the garbage can or a dumpster or something, is kinda' mean.

Chloe, age 8, upon learning how babies are made: Okay. So, they do that in the bathroom, right?

5th grade student (girl) after watching puberty movie: Am I seriously going to have to have hair in my armpits?

Another 5th grade girl: Wait. You put that tampon thing IN there?

Chloe, age 4, upon seeing a picture of an iron: What's that? A funny phone or something?

Will, last week, before going to his first day of DAYcamp: Mom, I know what you got Chloe last year when she was at sleepaway camp, but what will you put in my care package? And when will I get it?

Me, to person staring at me from within mirrors: Who in the hell are YOU? And where did you put me?

Peter: Michael Jackson's still dead. Why do they need to keep reporting it?

Sun: Massachusetts? Nope. Never heard of it.


smiles4u said...

Oh the wonderful questions of kids and then to come up with the fun.

I've asked the same questions while looking in the mirror, at least a couple of times.

We finally got some sun here after it being cloudy and not very warm. We have our fingers and toes crossed that summer is actually here to stay and not just teasing us.

Vodka Mom said...

now THOSE made my day.

armhair? ewww.

Dana's Brain said...

Those are all funny, but the last two made me laugh the hardest!

Zip n Tizzy said...

These are ALL so deep!
(and age appropriate.)

The mirror and I are seriously at odds these days.

I was thinking last night that Michael Jackson really has created a very successful comeback tour.

VT Mom said...

Love your kid questions! Mostly they're just outloud what goes on in adult heads but never gets said!

Ella asked me once "who buries the last person?" I was stumped!

Vodka Mom said...

i can't believe I missed a get together!!!!! Next time I am in CT- we are ALL GETTING TOGETHER!!!

Kari said...

I feel the same way about the Michael Jackson thing.

mel carroll said...
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mel carroll said...

Very funny! Sparked memory of Princess Diana's funeral, I was weepy and watched all the coverage. My son kept asking about the casket, is that Diana? Over and over and I said yes honey, and explained as best I could to a three year old about death. He asked again if the casket held Diana, and I said Yes, she's inside the box they are carrying. He asked Well what is she doing in there? I laughed a bit before I said nothing honey, just resting. He said OK and skipped away. Kids!
But I can't tell a lie, I laughed at Michael Jackson's memorial remembering that question!

kanishk said...

Those are all funny, but the last two made me laugh the hardest!
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Ciara (birrrd) said...

love your post! got me laughing and thats all i needed today :)

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