Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shooting Stars

I have a very vivid memory of laying next to the lake with you at night, hearing the small waves - really nothing more than ripples - lap just beyond our bare toes. We were whispering secrets to each other and counting shooting stars. We were exploring the wondrous souls of each other. I think at the time, I believed we were, on the one hand, causing the stars to fly across the sky, and, on the other hand, somehow being chosen to witness them. I felt we were powerful enough to move the stars, and entirely special enough to be seeing them in all their glory. There was magic within and around us.

The dew saturated our shirts, and I shivered from the brisk night air. We held hands. The counting and the searching and the waiting was like an addiction. I just wanted to stay for one more shooting star. That one, the next one, the one I had yet to see, would carry all my wishes across the night sky and land them in my lap. Of this I felt sure. Optimism? Superstition? Naivete?

That was a long long time ago, and now I sleep in the same bed with you every night. Though every once in a while (like, say, this afternoon) I feel that the magic that was so alive burned up in its flight to Earth, most days I feel certain that my wishes were truly granted. Because here we are together still.


just making my way said...

Beautiful. And always a lovely surprise to find you popping up with something new in my blogroll.

I still owe you an email.


Maggie, Dammit said...

It's like you're out there living your life and then every once in a while you toss a rare and precious stone over your shoulder for those of us who are paying attention to find. Thank you for the gift, this is so lovely.

Matthew D Sellers said...

I love it. I thought it was really well written and lovely.

JMH said...

Well, I've never got around to introducing myself. I'm Jon from Chicago. I've linked to this post because I think it's exceptional writing, but in my mind I think that New England etiquette demands that I introduce myself first.

I have no idea how I first came across this blog, it was several months ago, probably clicking links from links from links. Certainly I can take the link down if that's more comfortable for you. Please let me know if that's the case.

sybil law said...


Rachel Federman said...

Lovely blog. Glad to have found you today (through Any Mommy Out There). That photo of you and the kids is just stunning too. Almost a little haunting with that caption.